Beacon Professional Search

Matching Top Companies With Top Talent

The Beacon Search process is a proven and successful formula for the staffing of key positions and finding the best possible candidates.

We have found that the most successful searches are based on a partnership between the client organization and our search team. Therefore, we have developed an approach to the search process that focuses on clear communication that ensures a true partnership and gets results.

Although no two searches are alike, we have a defined and structured process once your search is under way.

Understanding the Client's Needs

  • We thoroughly research your business culture, position description including key performance indicators, compensation package, benefits and relocation policy.
  • Developing the Recruiting Plan
  • We establish search targets and identify individuals within these target companies.
  • We contact each individual and discuss the position briefly to determine a level of interest.
  • We conduct a background evaluation to determine whether there is a fit for the position.
  • We request and receive a resume.
  • Create Candidate Profile and Present Resume.
  • Resumes are sent with a profile and evaluation comments to the client.

Coordinate Interviews

  • We set up and coordinate interviews, prep candidate and client and later debrief the candidate and client.

Close Candidate

  • We negotiate salary and compensation package.
  • We present the compensation package to the candidate.
  • We close the candidate and establish a start date.
  • We provide the candidate with instructions for resignation.
  • We debrief the candidate after resignation.

Facilitate Transition

  • We establish a start date and maintain contact with the job candidate and client company to assure a smooth transition.